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  • Where can I buy fresh Crystal Clear Air products?
    Crystal Clear Air products can be easily purchased on our web shop. As well as in many places in Tyrol Austria.
  • Do I need an account in order to buy Crystal Clear Air products?
    No, you don’t. You can buy it as a Guest.
  • What payment methods doses CrystalClearAir OG accept?
    We accept direct Bank transfers, as well as credit cards like Visa, MasterCard and you may also use PayPal.
  • Is it safe to use my credit card and PayPal on CrystalClearAir OG web shop?
    Definitely Yes! It is totally secure to use your credit card and PayPal for purchases on our store. CrystalClearAir OG is PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliant. As such, we do not store any payment tracking or other financial material in our system. See our Privacy Policy
  • Does Crystal Clear Air ship to my country?
    Definitely Yes! We ship worldwide. You ask – We deliver! Please see our shipping price table Buy 10 or maore cans and we will ship our air to you for FREE
  • Can I transport Crystal Clear Air by airplane?
    The Crystal Clear Air can was designed in accordance to IATA regulations and can be taken into the airplane, when stored in your checked in luggage. We recommend checking the individual airline transportation rules, before taking air cans into the airplane.
  • Do I get “special price” for a large orders
    Definitely Yes! Please look for our Crystal Clear Air special deals in our shop! Also, if you order 10 or more cans of Crystal Clear Air at a time, we will pay for your shipping!
  • May I become a distributor of CrystalClearAir OG products?
    Definitely Yes! Please contact us here
  • Is Pure Oxygen better & healthier than pure mountain air?
    No. We breath, (optimally), pure & clean air – Not pure oxygen! Pure oxygen is only used for short-term periods or very certain medical indications (e.g. in emergency situations, diving catastrophes etc.). Too much Oxygen can be dangerous! Also, dealing with pure oxygen cans, might be very dangerous (Explosion and fire risks)
  • Who should use Crystal Clear Air?
    Everybody can enjoy our clean and fresh Austrian mountain air.
  • Can everyone safely use Crystal Clear Air?
    Definitely Yes! Everybody can (and should) enjoy our clean and fresh Austrian mountain air. Please note though: This product is for recreational use only. It is NOT a medical product! This product is NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent ANY disease, disorder or health condition! This Product does NOT replace any medical treatment, prescription, medical device or any medical recommendation!
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